For You, the Teen

I'm not going to lie to you, these teenage years are rough and sometimes it feels like no one gets you or where you're coming from.  A lot of things are changing, your dreams, your friends, what you're into, who you can count on, your feelings...obviously the list goes on.  A lot of things are coming at you from all sides; sometimes it may feel like you have things under control and other times it feels like life is doing the steering and you're along for the ride.  My work with teens is approachable, respectful and I give you the credit you deserve.  I want to hear from you what's going on for you, from you.


For You, the Child:

Some things can be really confusing.  What is okay at home might not be okay at school, maybe big people are telling you different things, and it's hard to make sense of everything sometimes.  Maybe you can't share with adults very well what you're thinking and feeling.  We can work together, using games, art and play, to figure out ways to make your voice and feelings heard.  


As a Parent...

You obviously care so very much or else you wouldn't be here.  While I can't tell you the play by play of our sessions, I can collaborate with you to problem solve and make minor adjustments in order to integrate the work done in session with the home and school environments.  If we all put in the work, we can produce positive change together.